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    Introducing the HAPI Alumina (pron. a-loom-in-ah) Chime Drum
    An acoustic instrument with a traditional frame drum on one side and a set of 10 or 15 tuned vibrating chimes on the other side. We precisely tune each bar to have a wonderful long sustain. Excellent for small drum circles and campfires.  Also a perfect tool for yoga, meditation and music/sound therapy settings.  We personally love using one at sunset, to offer a salutation to the day.

    Easy to take with you anywhere. Our 18 inch diameter Alumina Chime Drum weighs 3.5 lbs. Our 24 inch Alumina Chime Drum weighs 5.5 lbs.

    Listen with headphones for best sound experience.

    18 inch, E Minor, 10 notes, Pentatonic Scale:

    • E5, G5, A5, B5, D6, E6, G6, A6, B6, C7.
    • Pentatonic scales are easy to play intuitively and very harmonic sounding.
    • Playing guide included.

    24 inch, C Major, 15 notes, Full Scale:

    • C5, D5, E5, F5, G5, A5, B5, C6, D6, E6, F6, G6, A6, B6, C7.
    • A huge range of 2 octaves! Playing guide with songs to play.
    • The hoop drum is very low and powerful sounding.


    • HAPI Alumina Chime Drum in 18 or 24 inch
    • 2 Mallets
    • 1 Playing Guide

    Two instruments in one! Play the frame drum side to keep a rhythm and create some extra energy or play the chime side to slow down and enjoy a rich melodic tapestry of sound.

    The chime side is very similar to the soothing sounds of a low voiced wind chime. But now, instead of the wind, you decide when the notes are played! Each note has a very long sustain and lends itself to a relaxed playing style. Slow down and enjoy the moment.

    With just a light mallet strike to one of the bars the pure tones resonate off the frame drum and surround you with vibration. We design each bar to mesh beautifully with any of the others so there are no wrong notes to play. Great for novice and advanced musicians alike.  Each bar is marked with its note in case you would like to learn some music or play with other musicians. Build simple rhythms and patterns for an amazing sound experience. Because of the precise tuning, they can be used with a variety of other musical instruments as well. Tuned to the standard concert pitch of A4 = 440 hz.

    Comes with two mallets that work on either side of the instrument though most people use their fingers when playing the frame drum. There are many pairings of notes that sound great when played together and the included booklet gives you a starting point to experiment with. You can even try playing both sides at once for even more fun!

    Not just a musical instrument! The Alumina Chime Drum combines beautifully with other self practices like Yoga and meditation. It can be played in your lap or on a table. Hang it on a wall by the included rope handle for a space saving beautiful display and conversation starter.

    Music therapists have long recognized the benefit of music vibrations on the body. The Alumina Chime Drum is a powerful tool in the hands of music therapists, energy workers and even novices who enjoy feeling music vibration.

    When the instrument is played and then spun by it’s rope handle a vibrato effect is created. This can also be done by simply raising and lowering the frame in your lap or over any hard surface.

    The frame drum side has a low “dum” when struck a few inches in from the rim. Strikes closer to the rim have a higher “tak” sound. These are the two most commonly used strike points to build rhythms with different sounds in them. Many other advanced frame drum techniques and sounds can be used as well.

    Please allow for minor maker marks on the aluminum chimes. These are handmade instruments from our shop in Oakhurst, California.