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  • Includes:
    • HAPI Slim Drum in A Akebono or G Major
    • Padded Travel Bag
    • Mallets
    • Instruction Booklet
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    HAPI Drum Slim.

    Recommended for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. Our HAPI Slim Drum has a sleek design and can be carried with one hand. It has a powerful and full bodied sound. Our eight note tongue layout adds harmonic tones to each note when played. The bottom port lets the sound out to fill the room. Isolating rubber feet located on the bottom of the drum allow it to be set on any surface for play.


    • HAPI Slim Drum
    • Padded Travel Bag
    • Mallets
    • Instruction Booklet
    • FREE Shipping (within Contiguous US)

    The HAPI Slim Drum is available in 2 different pentatonic scales:

    • A Akebono (A3, B3, C4, E4, F4, A4, B4, C5)
    • G Major (G3, A3, B3, D4, E4, G4, A4, B4)

    The word "pentatonic" comes from the Greek word pente meaning five and tonic meaning tone. It is a musical scale that consists of five notes within one octave. Because of their arrangement, pentatonic scales are often used to introduce beginners to music.

    Are you a musician looking for more scale options? Check out our Tuneable Drums here.

    Dimensions: 12" (30.48 cm) wide by 6" (15.24 cm) high. Weight: 7 lbs (3.18 kg)

    Color: Black.

    Product Videos:

    A Akebono. The Akebono scale originates from Japan. It produces a meditative / exotic sound. It sounds great played with Western and Eastern instruments.

    G Major. Known as the "people's key" it is one of the most popular keys in classical and modern music. This scale is great with guitar because all of a guitars 6 strings can be played open in G. The banjo is also usually tuned to G. 


    • HAPI Slim Drum
    • Pair of HAPI Drum mallets
    • Instruction booklet
    • Sound isolating rubber feet (installed) for playing on any surface!
    • Free padded travel bag

      Customer reviews:

      • Beautiful addition to our hospital music therapy program! Patients, staff, and music therapists in our practice LOVE this instrument. It's very accessible and allows those with limited movement to easily engage in music making. It's full beautiful sound fills the hospital room without being too overwhelming. Thank you.
      • I've had my hapi drum for just over a week now, I practice for hours each day and it still amazes me the different sounds I get out of it. The shipping was super fast, 5 days from California to Ontario. I would give the drum a 10/10 I love the look, the sounds, the feel. Would recommend to anyone! So happy with it.
      • I purchased my hapi slim C major to balance out my hapi slim A minor and my D minor origin. these 3 percussion instruments are working beautifully together. I am looking forward to doing business with you again when you come out with your new hapi.