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HAPI Drum - Mallets Pair
HAPI Drum - Mallets Pair Price: $16.00
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Purchase an extra pair of mallets so your friends can play along too! Our mallets are specifically made for our HAPI drums. The Mini HAPI Drum Mallets are 6 inches long with a 3/4 inch head. The HAPI Bell, Slim, Origin, UFO Mallets are 7 inches long with a 1.125 inch head. On both style of mallets the grip handle can be separated from the head, not suitable for children under 3. ...

hapi drum contact microphone
HAPI Drum Contact Microphone Price: $124.00
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Steel Drum Pickup Captures the true sound of your instrument without background interference. Great for on stage performances where you don’t want to pick up other instruments or speaker feedback. Also works well for home studios or busking. Amplifies any magnetic surface on contact – no installation necessary. Simply place the pickup near the bottom and towards the middle of the instrument. It will adhere itself to the shell. The magnet is sealed in soft silicone so it can’t scratch the...

Replacement Rubber Foot
Replacement Rubber Foot Price: $9.99
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Need a spare or replacement foot for your HAPI Drum? Fits all HAPI Drums except the Tini. Limit 2 per customer.

HAPI Travel Bags
HAPI Travel Bags Price: $28.00
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Our HAPI travel bags are sized to fit the HAPI Drums and mallets perfectly. Made from super durable nylon fabric, ultra thick padding, and heavy duty zippers. Collapsible, compact design. Comes with a shoulder strap sewn into the bag. Safely take your HAPI Drum wherever you go!

HAPI Backpack
HAPI Backpack Price: $59.00
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Travel Bag / Backpack: This backpack fits the Omni Drum and Slim Drum models only. It can also work for the Mini Drum, but we recommend wrapping the Mini Drum in a towel first and then placing it inside the bag for a tighter fit. Specially designed armored backpack. This is a tough backpack that will help ensure the safe transport of your tongue drum for everyday use. This bag may not protect the instrument from hard bumps or falls. The bag is constructed from thick durable nylon and uses a...

Handpan Armored Travel Bag
Handpan Armored Travel Bag Price: $149.99
Availability: In Stock

Specially designed armored handpan/steel tongue drum bag. If you have made the investment in a quality instrument you will want to protect it with a durable travel bag. This is a tough bag that will help ensure the safe transport of your handpan for everyday use. The bag is constructed from thick durable nylon and uses a heavy duty zipper. There is an internal flap that protects the handpan from the zipper. Plastic armor is sewn under the nylon on both the front and back of the bag to protect...

HANDPAN hapi steel drum hard case open
Handpan Hard Case Price: $249.00
Availability: In Stock

Our handpan hard case is made from durable nylon with padded foam. It has an easy carry handle. Simple to open and close with our unique rubber latch system. The handpan shell and tone fields do not come in contact with the hard case. This creates an ideal buffer zone around the handpan. The handpan is supported by its outer edge. The whole hard case fits inside our armored backpack for the ultimate protection and easy carry system. Fits instruments that measure up to 21.5 inches across...

handpan frog lube
Frog Lube for Handpans Only Price: $9.99
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Wipes $10.79 - For handpans only. Not for use on steel tongue drums. FROGLUBE® Wipes - 5 saturated cloths per resealable pack. Multiple uses per wipe. These can also be re-saturated with FROGLUBE® if you purchase the liquid in a bottle. With these, FROGLUBE® is just a wipe away. FROGLUBE® is a cutting edge biodegradable lubricant made from “USDA Certified Food-Grade”. All ingredients are produced in the USA using a proprietary formula. It is a non-toxic substance that dissolves carbon on...