• Help take your playing to the next level.
  • Feedback resistant for stage performance.
  • Accurately capture the sound of your drum.
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    Steel Drum Pickup
    Captures the true sound of your instrument without background interference. Great for on stage performances where you don’t want to pick up other instruments or speaker feedback. Also works well for home studios or busking. Amplifies any magnetic surface on contact – no installation necessary. Simply place the pickup near the bottom and towards the middle of the instrument. It will adhere itself to the shell. The magnet is sealed in soft silicone so it can’t scratch the instrument. A short lead connects to another sealed magnet which holds the cable connector for the ¼” mono sound cable. We have tried many pickups over the years hoping to find one that could closely match the sound quality of a studio mic but in a pickup. It’s been impossible to find until now. This one really delivers on sound quality! In our video below you can hear a tongue drum and handpan recorded with both a studio mic and this pickup to compare for yourself (please use headphones). This pickup contact mic uses a sealed magnet to attach to any carbon steel drum. Will not work on stainless steel or titanium drums which are nonmagnetic. All HAPI Drums will work with this pickup.


    Regarding the cables, we recommend the use of a standard mono unbalanced cable connecting the pickup to the PA. An unbalanced cable consists of a signal wire and a ground wire. It will have one black ring on the connector instead of two. The ground carries part of the signal and serves to shield the signal wire from noise such as the hum from lights and transformers, as well as tv and radio frequency interference. Unbalanced cables should have a maximum length of 15-20 feet (4-6 meters).

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