• Specially designed armored backpack.
  • Safe transport for your Omni or Slim HAPI Drum.
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    Travel Bag / Backpack:

    This backpack fits the Omni Drum and Slim Drum models only.

    It can also work for the Mini Drum, but we recommend wrapping the Mini Drum in a towel first and then placing it inside the bag for a tighter fit.

    Specially designed armored backpack. This is a tough backpack that will help ensure the safe transport of your tongue drum for everyday use. This bag may not protect the instrument from hard bumps or falls.

    • The bag is constructed from thick durable nylon and uses a heavy duty zipper. There is an internal flap that protects the tongue drum from the zipper.
    • Plastic armor is sewn under the nylon on both the front and back of the bag to protect all sides of the instrument.
    • Soft padding is also sewn into the full inside of the bag.It has comfortable adjustable shoulder straps and hand carry straps.
    • It is designed so the tongue drum rests comfortably in the small of your back following the contour of your body. This bag has optimal weight distribution and carrying comfort.

    FAQ: I have a different drum, will this bag work for me? Our backpack will accommodate drums that are up to 15" wide x 6" tall.