HAPI Drum Customer Reviews

Love It!

  • Bought the Hapi Bell for my grandchildren 5, 9 and 11. They love it as a gong, drum and as a singing bowl. They said it was the perfect gift and their parents use it, too.


  • I took my grandchildren to a drumming circle where they used someone else's hapi drum and fell in love with it. For Christmas I gave them the Hapi Bell that they like even more. It hangs like a gong, can be played like the Hapi drum and can be used like a singing bowl. They LOVE it. it is more versatile than the Hapi drum - larger and a little more cumbersome but still portable in the bag.

My "Hapi" birthday mini drum.

  • I am so happy to have this little mini. I had it delivered to where I work so I was waiting all week although it arrived on time. I couldn't help but show it off to coworkers. Thank you so much! A special thanks to the artist who painted the birthday cake on the box! That really made my day. I look forward to another drum that will compliment this one some day soon. The sound is wonderful! You folks create a very nice instrument. I can't wait to show it to my 2 yr old granddaughter. She has a little bongo set and likes to drum on my djembe...we're gonna jam and rock the house. (And hopefully drive her mom nuts!) lol...ah, payback!

LOVE this drum!

  • I can't believe how easy it is to play, and what a wonderful tone it has... Really exceeded my expectations. I am using it for meditation, and plan to play it at the end of my yoga classes as well. Thank you for creating such a beautiful instrument!

Great Instrument

  • This is my first steel drum. It was super easy to pick up and play, with the only difficult thing being hitting the drum a certain way to produce the desired sound. Super fun to play. In my opinion, great entry level drum for beginners. Price was extremely reasonable as well.

Very Hapi with my Hapi Mini Drum

  • I was so excited to get my first Hapi Mini Drum. I got the Akebono Chord of D. It came packaged very well. It is easy to play and a very intuitive kind of drum. The sound is very ethereal and has a very healing kind of effect. My 7 year old also loves to play it ;) Now I'll have to find a Hapi Drum Circle!!

Great Buy

  • This drum was an awesome purchase. Got the Slim in the G Major Scale and it is easy to match with other instruments. Small enough to be easily portable but large enough to have room to play. Has similar tones to a Marimba or a less metallic sounding Kalimba. Sound great with or without mallets.

Incredible Instrument

  • I purchased the HAPI Slim in A Major and I absolutely love this drum. The sound it produces is very clear and extremely relaxing, as my friends have told me. Playing it is easy, fun, and a great way to spend some down time. There is literally no way to make this instrument sound bad. When it's in my budget I will very likely purchase another drum.

Origin Teal E Minor

  • I am a very picky person and I must say I LOVE this drum! It is truly amazing. I think the E minor is the perfect octave for a very relaxing sound. I bought this drum under the deals section because it was "Damaged". When they say a minor paint flaw... they mean minor. I honestly could NOT tell there was any flaw at all. Great drum, very cool knowing not many people out there have such a unique drum as I now have. Worth the money.

Amazing instrument!!

  • I love this drum, and use it for meditation/relaxation! My yoga students LOVE the sound, and I love how easy it is to make mellow rhythmic music! Thanks for such a magical, and yet accessible product.

Thank you for such a wonderful instrument.

  • I've had my Hapi drum about 2 months now. I can not express to you the joy I get out of playing my drum. It actually raises my vibration just to play it! I have been asked to play it at my church and during meditations at numerous events. I have even been asked to play my Hapi drum as background music for someone's meditation CD. I am thrilled! My drum is in the key of e minor, and so it is perfect for meditations. I have been told by more than one person that it sounds like a harp...I just smile and nod and say "thank you". I have told so many people about your drums. I believe 2 people that I have talked to will be purchasing a drum. I know that one person has already contacted you, she approached me after I was done playing my drum at my church and asked me if I was a musician ~ I smiled and handed her the mallets and then explained that you can't hit a sour note - it's just not possible! She hit a few notes and she told me later that she called and ordered a drum the next day! I will continue to spread the word for you as I love the way the drum makes me feel when I play it...it is truly Spiritual! My husband will listen for hours (and I mean hours!!!) as I play and perfect my rhythms. I just wanted to share with you the sheer pleasure I receive with your drum and to say thank you, thank you for such a wonderful instrument.

An amazing instrument

  • I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my new Hapi UFO drum. It is an amazing instrument. I have been drumming for almost thirty years, kit and percussion, I have played many different instruments trying to find a balance between rhythm and melody and this is exactly what I have been looking for. My 6 year old daughter is speechless and in absolute awe. I will be ordering a mini drum for her when funds allow. Thank you for the speedy delivery. I shall be street performing with my UFO regularly, I cant wait to see peoples reaction. again, many thanks. Keep being creative.

A mesmerizing experience!

  • I ordered the Slim tuneable drum and when I first lifted it out of the bag, my first reaction was, "Wow!" When I played this drum, I was stunned by the beauty and clarity of the sound, not to mention the high quality of the drum build. Add to this the ability to tune this drum to play different modal scales and I realized I was in for a real experience. This instrument is soothing and addictive. It encourages you to sit for hours just checking out the different combos of tone and rhythm. Yeah, I like it! I want to buy more!