• Help take your playing to the next level.
  • Feedback resistant for stage performance.
  • Accurately capture the sound of your drum.
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    HAPI Drum Duo.Flex Microphone.

    • Lots of prototyping and design went into developing this versatile microphone.
    • The sound quality and performance of this mic will help take your playing to the next level!
    • Designed to capture the acoustic sound of HAPI Drums, Didgeridoos, and other instruments for live stage performance and studio recording.

    The Duo.Flex Mic is feedback resistant for stage performance. It also has two condenser mics for gathering sound from different areas of the instrument. We have two ears for a very good reason. It lets us balance the sound we hear to better interpret our world. It’s the same reason why just one mic has a hard time accurately capturing what we hear with an acoustic instrument. The Duo.Flex Mic with its two mic system solves this problem.

    The Duo.Flex Mic also comes with removable Velcro straps for attaching it to all sorts of instruments you may wish to record. An adjustable audio level slider on the mic is used for fine tuning of the input signal strength. This allows for optimal sound levels for different drums played with hands or with mallets. It also allows use with a variety of other instruments which may require different volume adjustments.

    In testing the Duo.Flex Mic with other instruments we have found unparalleled sound capture from the Didgeridoo to HAPI Drums, to Native Flutes. The two mic system allows recording three dimensions of sound. The first two dimensions are created by each individual mic which are mechanically out of phase from each other. The third dimension is created by how the two mic design electronically processes these two signals. The final output is balanced between the mics and fully captures the sound of the instrument. Simply plug in a 1/4" mono cable to the end of the microphone to use.

    The videos below were recorded with the Duo.Flex Mic installed. Listen with headphones for best sound experience:

    Customer video demo with the duo.flex mic, thanks Dylan!

    Mic specs:
    • Output impedance - 3.5K ohm, This is midway between a standard mic level signal (500 ohm), and a standard pickup level signal (8K ohm)
    • Signal type - mono, unbalance
    • Frequency response - 80 - 15K Hz
    • Power - one AA battery
    • Battery life - one year
    • Output jack acts as switch to turn battery "on"
    • The slide pot is for volume control only.
    • Output for both mics are pre-set for optimum feedback control.
    • The 3.5K unbalanced output was chosen because this is the most versatile signal type possible. It can be used effectively with most amplifiers or PA systems using standard guitar mono cables.
    • An optional 1/4" - XLR adapter is available for applications where the amplification equipment being used prefers to have the Duo Mic connect to an XLR input