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  • INCLUDES: HAPI UFO Drum. Mallets. Instruction Booklet. Travel Bag.
  • Dimensions: 15" wide by 8" high. Weight: 12.75 lbs.
  • C Major Scale: D3, E3, F3, G3, A3, B3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4.
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    HAPI Drum UFO.

    Recommended for intermediate and advanced players. Beginners can still enjoy this drum, it just takes more practice to learn than our other models.The included instruction booklet has all the info you need to learn how to play.

    The HAPI UFO (Unique Frequency Orb) is our larger, more versatile drum. We experimented for a year with different note layouts and scale arrangements. Our note layout is a fine tuned arrangement so the best harmonics, ease of play, and resonance are all realized together. It sounds amazing when playing 2 or more tongues together to build chords. Made from specially selected musical steel using our custom molded shape. It is easy to play with infinite musical possibilities. With the isolating rubber feet located on the bottom of the drum you can set it on any surface to play. We think you will agree that the sound is out of this world!

    Scale: The UFO Drum has 11 notes and is in the C Major Scale: D3, E3, F3, G3, A3, B3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4. There are nine pentatonic scales in this single drum. They are C Major, D Minor, D Pygmy, E Minor, F Major, G Major, A Minor, A Akebono, A Pygmy. It also has one Hexatonic Scale, A Integral. The center note of C4 ties all the other notes together. The top shell of the drum is tuned to a higher harmonic support of C5. This helps unite the notes into a chorus of beautiful sound. C Major is one of the most commonly used key signatures in music. The white keys on the piano correspond to C Major, its relative minor is A Minor. C Major is often thought of as the most straight forward key owing to its lack of flats and sharps.

    Dimensions: 15" (38.1 cm) wide by 8" (20.32 cm) high. Weight: 12.75 lbs (5.78 kg).

    Color: Hammered Copper - color and texture can vary slightly from drum to drum due to the hand mixing process of the paint.

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    • HAPI UFO Drum
    • Pair of HAPI Drum mallets
    • Instruction booklet
    • Sound isolating rubber feet (installed) for playing on any surface!
    • Optional travel bag is $34

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    Customer reviews:

    • I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my new Hapi UFO drum. It is an amazing instrument. I have been drumming for almost thirty years, kit and percussion, I have played many different instruments trying to find a balance between rhythm and melody and this is exactly what I have been looking for. My 6 year old daughter is speechless and in absolute awe. I will be ordering a mini drum for her when funds allow. Thank you for the speedy delivery. I shall be street performing with my UFO regularly, I cant wait to see peoples reaction. again, many thanks. Keep being creative.
    • Nice clear sound. Pure and natural with nice overtones. I like to play it with my hands to get the best feeling of the drum. I think I'll only use the mallets in loud surroundings. It was a little heavier than expected, but the design is beautiful, it's nice to look on, and it is a joy to play. I've used it a lot the three days I've had it. The travel bag however was a disappointment. 'Cos it's so bulky that it needs a longer shoulder strap – or maybe better – backpack straps. I'm a big fellow and the bag is located just under my armpit, impossible to carry this way. Have to find a replacement!
    • I recently purchased this drum for my husband and he is thrilled by the sound. I play Celtic harp and we play together. The sounds blend perfectly. The service and delivery were flawless.