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    Introducing HAPI Vibrance Chimes!
    An acoustic musical instrument made from tuned chimes.

    Listen with headphones for best sound experience.


    • 11 tuned and polished chimes suspended within an adjustable wooden stand.
    • Two playing mallets.
    • Playing guide with five songs to play.
    • Cloth carry bag.


    • C Major Pentatonic C5, D5, E5, G5, A5, C6, D6, E6, G6, A6, C7.


    • Easy to carry with you, weighs only 3 lbs, when assembled it is 20 inches tall x 18 inches wide.

    Product Description:

    Our Vibrance Chimes are in the metallophone family of musical instruments. A metallophone is a musical instrument in which the sound-producing body consists of tuned metal tubes.

    The 11 chimes are tuned to C Major Pentatonic. A pentatonic scale contains five pitches per octave. These pitches are most commonly used for intuitive playing, simple songs, folk melodies and nursery rhymes. There are no wrong notes to play because they are all harmonically compatible with each other. The two full octaves range from low C5 to high C7.

    Our ingenious wood stand allows the chimes to “float” and have a very long sustained tone. With the wood stand installed, you can play the chimes on a table or in your lap. The hidden legs on the stand flip down. This allows you to position the instrument at a 45 degree angle on a table for easy playing. This is also a great way to display your HAPI Vibrance Chimes and be reminded to play. Short on table space? No worries, simply hang the instrument on your wall from the loop of rope on either end.

    When the chimes are removed from the wood stand they remain strung together at the top and bottom frames of wood. When used in this way, you can freely walk and play with it in its lightest form. Yoga studios and music therapists may like this option when working in groups. When finished playing, simply roll the instrument up with the stand unassembled and slide into our free padded carry bag!

    Available in 2 different designs:

    • Viking Journey. A Nordic themed design with a Viking compass on the top known as Vegvisir. This is a symbol of protection and guidance. The bottom wood runners of the stand resemble a viking ship and have a dragon design. The cut outs are known as Triskelion (triple spiral) designs which are said to be the oldest symbols of spirituality. Representing the unity of mental, physical and spiritual self.
    • Mandala Meditations. Mandalas are geometric configurations of symbols used for focusing attention and an aid to meditation. There are dragonflies on the bottom wood runners of the stand representing transformation and adaptation.

    How to play:

    With a light mallet strike to one of the bars the pure tones resonate and surround you with energy and vibrations. The 2 included playing mallets are designed to bring out pure tones. You can play the notes in any order as they all sound good together. Great for novice and advanced musicians alike. Each bar is marked with its note so you can learn some music or play with other musicians.

    When the instrument is played and then spun by the rope handle a vibrato effect is created. This can also be done by simply raising and lowering one end of the instrument when it is flat on a table. It’s a fun and easy sound effect to play with!

    Not just a musical instrument! It combines beautifully with other self practices like Yoga and meditation.

    Please allow for minor maker marks on the aluminum chimes. These are handmade instruments from our shop in Oakhurst, California.