HAPI Steel Tongue Drums For Musicians

Expert level instruments for professional musicians.

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steel tongue drum

HAPI Slim Tuneable Steel Tongue Drum

  • Over 24 different scales possible in one HAPI Drum!
  • Available: a huge range of Pentatonic Scales in G, F# or F
  • Dimensions: 12" wide x 6" high. Weighs 7 lbs.

Price: $296
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steel tongue drum

HAPI Omni Steel Tongue Drum

  • Amazing resonance and depth of tone.
  • Available in: G Major or F Major.
  • Dimensions: 15" wide by 5" high. Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Price: $296
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HAPI Handpan
  • Embrace the therapeutic power of sound.
  • Available in: D Minor, F Major, E Minor.
  • Dimensions: 21" wide by 9.5" tall. 8.5 lbs.
Price: $1,196
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