Handpan Hybrid HAPI steel tongue drum
  • Hybrid Handpan.
  • Scales: F Major or D Minor.
  • Each handpan note is tuned with a fundamental, octave, fifth.
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    Hybrid Handpan Resonance by HAPI.

    We at HAPI are super excited to unveil a new type of handpan! The Hybrid Handpan uses the sound energy of a handpan along with the vibrations of a steel tongue drum. This combined energy enhances the sound through a sympathetic sharing of notes.
    Each side has a playing surface, there is no top or bottom. The handpan side has the usual low Ding in the middle and notes around the outside. Each tone field has a Fundamental, Octave and 5th tuned into it. These frequencies create a chord when struck. The tone fields send their energy vibration through the steel body to the tongues on the other side. The tongues then add more sustain. When you strike the tongue side, it sends a very strong energy pulse through the steel which activates the handpan notes. This new way of activating the notes along with the longer sustain changes the sound dramatically compared to a standard handpan. Some people have likened it to the meditative and enchanting resonance of a whale song.

    Our handpans have held the tuning very well over the last few years and the vast majority have not needed a retune. When/if the day comes that you may need a retune (accidents happen) your first retune is free. Shipping costs to and from our shop in Oakhurst, CA are not included. Please allow around 1 week for service.

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    Hybrid Handpan F Major (F3, A3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4):

    handpan listen with headphones

    Hybrid Handpan D Minor (D3, A3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4):

    handpan listen with headphones

    Demo and description of the Hybrid Handpan:

    We went through many different prototype designs over years to finally maximize the energy sharing potential between handpan tone fields and tongues. Fellow handpan maker and co-inventor Dave Berry and I (Grahm Doe) accidentally discovered this potential when we cut tongues into a handpan. When a tongue pitch happened to match a handpan note they began ringing together harmoniously. This was surprising because with most instruments when there are two notes of the same pitch, they fight each other and try to cancel one another out. This new approach is so special we have been granted a patent on this concept.

    Creating a Hybrid Handpan takes twice the time as a normal Handpan. There is a lot more to this instrument than meets the eye. We have over 10 years of experience in creating high quality tongue drums. This knowledge was crucial to figuring out how to optimize the energy sharing. The unique sound makes it a special and rare instrument in the world with only a handful being made each year.

    Carefully crafted by Grahm Doe here at our shop in Oakhurst, California. Great for intermediate and experienced handpan players who want to explore a fun new direction in handpans. Also an amazing addition for recording artists and studios that are looking for new sound textures.

    Each instrument includes a stand which allows you to easily change to either side for playing. Because it gently holds the edge of the instrument it allows maximum energy sharing between both sides. You can even play both sides at the same time if you set it vertically. We recommend only using the included mallets on the tongue side of the instrument.

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    Please allow for maker marks in handmade instruments like this. It is part of the normal process in the hammering and tuning, each one is made by hand and is unique.

    Handpan Dimensions: Measures 21 inches across (33cm), 9.5 inches tall (24cm). Weighs 11 lbs. There is a custom made rubber ring around the side of the handpan to help protect the instrument.

    Included is our FREE handpan hard case. Made from durable nylon with padded foam. It has an easy carry handle. Simple to open and close with our unique rubber latch system. The handpan shell and tone fields do not come in contact with the hard case. This creates an ideal buffer zone around the handpan. The handpan is supported by its outer edge (rubber ring). Fits inside our optional armored backpack for the ultimate protection.

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    • HAPI Hybrid Handpan.
    • Hard Case.
    • Instrument Stand.
    • Instruction Booklet.
    • Pair of Mallets.
    • Frog Lube (oil to protect the steel).
    • Free Shipping.

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    • FREE within Continental US (2-5 day delivery).
    • California residents add 7.75% sales tax to the purchase price.
    • Alaska / Hawaii / Puerto Rico (3-9 day delivery): $59
    • Shipping OUTSIDE the United States - E-mail us for ordering details.

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    Customer Reviews

    • The new Hapi Hybrid handpan is the sweetest sounding handpan I have owned. Their ingenious stand makes it easy to switch sides from dimples to tongues. The harmonies and overtones are out of this world and playing is ultra therapeutic, for me especially the tongue side, most likely due to the hole facing the player exposing one to the swirling harmonies.

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