Choosing my HAPI Steel Tongue Drum

When it comes to selecting your next steel tongue drum we have a lot of great choices.

Below is our quick reference guide from the smallest size to the largest of our steel tongue drums.

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Tini 6.5” - $99 - click here

  • Our smallest,lightest and highest voiced steel tongue drum.
  • Great for children and those wanting to learn music.
  • Includes a booklet of nursery rhyme songs to play.

Mini 8” - $159 - click here

  • Small, light and high voiced. Big sound small size.
  • Camping, traveling and jamming.
  • Choose from intuitive pentatonic scales or musical scale with songs.

Aura 10” - $229 - click here

  • Medium size, light, middle voice.
  • Yoga, meditation and sound therapy.
  • Intuitive pentatonic scales.

Bell 12” - $212 - click here

  • Medium size with multiple uses.
  • Steel Tongue Drum and Singing Bowl combination in one.
  • If you love the sound and vibration of singing bowls this is for you.

Slim 12” - $245 - click here

  • Medium size, medium weight, middle to low voiced.
  • Home playing, recording and professional sound that is still portable.
  • Intuitive pentatonic scales.
  • An all-around great steel tongue drum that checks most people’s boxes.

Origin 12” - $259 - click here

  • Taller size, heavier weight with a low voice.
  • Meditation, recording artists and free flow jamming.
  • Intuitive pentatonic scales.
  • Slower playing and deep thoughtful sound.

Omni 15” - $296 - click here

  • Wide, thin profile with a low voice.
  • Perfect for those wanting a handpan but looking for an affordable start.
  • Scales similar to handpans with a low center note.

Handpan 21” - starts at $1,495 - click here

  • Large size but relatively light.
  • Amazing harmonic sound.
  • Great for jamming, meditation and improvisation.
  • Professional sound that is great for beginners and musicians.

Handpan Hybrid 21” - $2,495 - click here

  • Large size, heavier weight, very powerful harmonics with long sustain.
  • Sound therapy and musicians looking to create unique soundscapes.
  • Combines handpan and tongue drum into one amazing instrument.
  • Professional sound that is great for beginners and musicians.